Is there a support number to call? I can’t find anything.

I posted about bank feeds last week and my post was turned to a private message. I replied but haven’t heard anything since.

This is so long winded for something which should be an easy fix!

Hi @terriakan

It was moved into a private message to get some more details from you so that we could have a look at your account.

There doesn’t appear to be a reply from you - did you reply through the forum or email? If you could try again to reply to the private message then we can look into your account with you to see why the bank feeds aren’t working as expected

I tried to reply twice last week! Through both methods!
My account number is 6131524910

Hi @terriakan

Thank you for confirming. I can see that your feed hasn’t worked since Januaury. If you could remove the feed completely and then re-add it this should fix the problem. We aren’t getting any data through the link at the moment so ‘refreshing’ the consent should hopefully fix. We can then try and pull in the missing data

I’ve just removed and re added it.
Although it confirmed my correct account balance on the confirmation page it is now only showing Jan again

Hi @terriakan

Thank you for re-adding the link. I have imported all of the missing transactions for you. It wouldn’t have shown when you linked as you would have needed to refresh/waited for the overnight feed

Hi Beth,
Ok so I can see the transactions now but the balance is still incorrect.

In what way is it wrong? Have you reconsiled your account to see whats missing?

Go through your transactions until you find the last time the balance matched, then look for the missing transaction and add it manually.

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