Converting from Limited Company to Charity

Our company limited by guarantee (CLG) has recently been accepted by the Charity Commission as a charity. Is it possible to convert our account?

If not, are any of these sensible workarounds?

  1. Change names of accounts to better reflect charity operations.
  2. Export all data, set up a new account as a charity and import.
  3. Just set up a new account and keep the two sets of account separate (the CLG will no longer be trading).

We don’t differentiate, if the company is limited by guarantee then it should remain under the limited company header. Even though there are two options when registering with Quick File the format of the UI, nominal codes and everything else would be the same. The CLG is still the trading vehicle (it’s just now registered as a charity too).

Actually we will be closing the CLG as the charity is registered under the new legislation as a CIO, so we won’t need the CLG.

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