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Converting supplier to client


on a few occasions now we have had to bill suppliers for one reason and another is there an easy way to convert them to a client as well as it seems a bit of a faf to have to create a second client record from scratch. either the ability to create an invoice in the supplier screen would be good or a but to create a client account with the information would be good

Unfortunately in such a scenario it would be necessary to create a distinct client record. To facilitate this process we could consider a menu option to “Create a client from this supplier record”. It’s possible we could then later group the two by matching the names, so that it will be very simple to switch the UI to see both the client and supplier position.

In short, due to the system design, they do need to exist separately, but there are things we can potentially do to make them seem like one entity.

I’m happy to update this to a feature request if you wish?

Yes please even if it something to just stop me having to enter the data in twice

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