Cooperative Bank

Is there an integration for Coop Bank yet so that I can import bank statements.

I am afraid this is not something we’re planning right now, regrettably we don’t have the time or resources to develop feeds for every bank, the only other bank that will be added (something we committed to a long time back) is Lloyds. There’s a fuller explanation here.

Glenn, interesting point re:Lloyd’s bank feeds.
When will this be implemented


Lloyds are in the process of dispensing with the requirement to use the pin-sentry, when the updates have been made to Lloyds we will complete the development. On our side the feed is actually 90% done, we just need to hope Lloyds don’t radically redesign their interface otherwise we’ll need to start from zero again.

Good to know, thanks for the info
Will keep my fingers crossed for this!