Copy and paste telephone numbers

I am trying to copy and paste simple telephone numbers into a new client page telephone field.

Can quite happily copy and paste info into all the fields apart from telephone numbers.

Surely this should work.

Also I can’t add a + sign for foreign numbers.

It would also be good to add mobiles as well and landline and fax. And for some reason you don’t allow us to name what type of number it is that I added. So it’s very difficult to tell what numbers are lankiness, faxes or mobiles! This is very strange to me.


Are you using Firefox by any chance?

There’s probably some validation rule on that field that limits entry to numbers only, in Firefox you need to explicitly include the V key in the validation rule to support CTRL + V pasting. This kind of pasting should work fine in other browsers.

Unfortunately this means it will allow people to enter V in numbers fields. Not a big problem for a telephone number but it may cause some issues when it comes to other entry fieds.

I have been using Safari, not firefox. But I can actually paste numbers into fax and add + sign now but the phone number field will still not let me paste a number into

You don’t need the + sign in phone numbers. If you are entering them in Quickfile then you are probably in the UK and in the UK (and Europe) the + sign means ‘dial 00’ so just enter 00 instead.

@reverberator the telephone entry field uses a common validation rule (integers only). It’s probably too restrictive for telephone numbers so we’ll come up with something a little less rigid.


We’ve now modified the rule slightly to allow the following characters along with CTRL + A, CTRL + C and CTRL + V:

0123456789 +()-_

This should go live by the end of today.

That’s great. Thank you again for such speedy resolution tho these issues.

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This is now live, let me know if you have any further issues.

All working smoothly so thanks again

Just to let you know it may have reverted back as we had to rollback an update. It should work again as expected by tomorrow morning.

Would you be able to enable Firefox Ctrl+V pasting in here please?

It may be trickier to loosen the validation here as to allow this to work for telephone numbers we had to allow characters C, V and A through. That’s acceptable for telephone numbers that are stored as strings but riskier for numeric values. This particular validation rule is used globally across the application. We did look into this previously but the solutions and workarounds were quite complex and risky to implement.

I see. It’s easy enough to right click and click paste. Thanks