Corporation Tax not applicable


I’m a novice at Quickfile and bookkeeping but am Treasurer for a local charity and learning as I go along.
I think I may have incorrectly set up the charity because I see in the Tax Summary an estimate for Corporation Tax and that should not be there. We are set up as a Limited Company.

Can someone please advise how I can correct this - I saw initially that once setup the company cannot be changed in which case so be it but I’d appreciate advice on the best way for me to address this.


Hi @HMAP, I believe you set it up as Charity (Limited) when opening the QuickFile account. This setting cannot be amended therefore you’d have to set up new QuickFile account and select correct Business Type which, I’m guessing, in your case will be Charity (Non-Limited)

Ok thanks for the clarification. Do you have any top tips for how I copy all the information - I couldnt find an export facility so I assume I have to rekey everything although I notice there are some import facilitites. Any advice is appreciated.


One of my roles is Church Treasurer and I use Quickfile for those accounts, you can simply ignore the ‘Tax Summary’ facility as it does not effect the accounts, its just a handy tool that can be set up to calculate any tax liability.

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