Corporation tax to date

Is it possible to generate a report to see the corporation tax due to date through quickfile?

I want to put my vote in for this feature in future :smile:

We can provide a crude CT figure, but this will be some way off a finished tax calculation. The basic premise would involve pulling the figure from the P&L and then manually removing some disallowables.

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It will be great if QF can produce a detailed profit & loss which would indicate the corporate tax to date :smile:

other users, please vote for this feature

Many Thanks

I am in favour

I have an estimate as I also keep an excell sheet
But Quickfile is not looking at future spending so could be handy

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It will be great if others can vote for this feature!

Glenn, if possible - please leave this thread open

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Hi Glenn,
is it possible to move this to Features sections, thanks

I have just moved this post to “Features”.

Hi Glenn
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I’m please to announce that we have now launched a new Tax Summary page. This page will show you your current estimated Corporation Tax liability and allow you to go back through previous accounting periods.

More information here:

thanks for this :smile:

Please have a look at my post - i have replied to your notice above, thanks