Correct cheque receipt date

Hi all
I have incorrectly input a cheque deposit as beinf received on 10/7/15 instead of 10/7/14.
I am not quite sure how to correct this via journal. My cheque holding account is out by the amount of the cheque.
I am thinking if I journal the amount out into say my drawings account, and the journal it back in to my cheque holding account (with notes for an audit trail) this will correct it? Am I right or is there a better way of doing it?
I can not modify the payment receipt by changing the date, as the invoice pertaining to the receipt is in a locked period.
I am not au fais or confident with journals hence seeking clarification.
Thanks and regards

You could go to the bank, find the entry, click on the date and it will allow you to change it.

Admittedly It’s quite well hidden this feature :smile: