Correct typo in "Stationery" code name for tagging

Hello again,

My “Stationary” bank tagging does not work because the nominal for Statonary has a typo in it. The code name says “Stationery” instead of “Stationary”.
Though a tiny thing but I appreciate a correction in QF in order to make taggings right.

Could you please correct it? thanks

Stationery means writing. Stationary means to stand still.

this commentdoes not help, @Paul.

Compare the 2 codes Stationery vs Office supplies other than stationary.

I appreciate you are a language expert, but allow me to use the software more on layman’s terms.

If you would like to refrase your original question I’d be happy to comment on it.

But your question was could qf change the word stationery to stationary, and I replied with the definition of the word, which happens to be the correct one in use. It isn’t a typo as you suggested.

I rather think if you cannot / don’t want to help, at least don’t comment.

Sorry but I’m baffled by your response. I can’t help the English language I didn’t invent it.


There seems to be some confusion here. Have you set up a custom nominal or are you referring to one that is already there?

Stationery with an ‘e’ refers to pens paper etc

Stationary with an ‘a’ refers to staying still.

If the word used is Stationary with an ‘a’ then this indeed would be a typo

Hi @QFBeth,

thanks, I am referring to the default code names.
there are 2 codes supposed to have the same descriptions, but they are not consistent.
I might have spelled stationery incorrectly with an ‘a’, however, one nominal is written with an ‘e’ and the other one with an ‘a’, so there is a typo here.
Please if you could correct the wrong name, I will also correct my tagging rule accordingly, only wanted to be aligned.

Thanks, Beth.

Hi @KBO,

As far as I am aware the 7504 Stationery is the only default set up by Quickfile. If you have another nominal then you should be able to edit this yourself. If you go to Reports >> Chart of Accounts there should be an orange cog next to the nominal. If you click this you can rename the nominal to whatever it needs to be

Hi Beth,

Is 7507 not a default code? thanks

Beth, I got it. I can see it’s “invented” by myself (?) as I can edit it.
Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the prompt reply on this though.

Hi @KBO,

7507 is not a default so any typo would have been a user error rather than something that QuickFile can change.

Glad you’ve sorted it now

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