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Correct way to raise invoice for Alibaba purchase

Hi. I purchase goods from China via Alibaba marketplace which acts as a kind of escro service as well as a marketplace like Amazon for example.

Now when I buy goods from ABC widgets Ltd via the Alibaba site I am billed by Alibaba so my bank account has a visa purchase to Alibaba. When the goods arrive I have an invoice from ABC Widgets Ltd.

Should I

Create an invoice to Alibaba and match the payment and then attatch a copy of the invoice from ABC Widgets for reference, evidence.


Create an invoice for ABC Widgets to match to the bank/visa payment to Alibaba and then attach a copy of the sales order on Alibaba showing payment receipt for what from whom(ABC Widgets Ltd in this case).

I understand that the end result is about the same but which would be better should an enquiry ever arise?

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

2nd option.

I see no difference to when you purchase something using PayPal or ebay. Its the same principle.