Correcting a Vat Invoicing Issue

Hi, Ive been using the accounts software for a few years now.
However; on doing my 3rd Quarter Vat Report & looking at the figures. The VAT Amount didn’t look correct when I downloaded the Calculations.
The problem has occurred with thankfully only one of my customers, whereby for whatever reason when adding additional lines when creating an Invoice the new line doesn’t always automatically default to 20% VAT.
Because of this I’ve 20 Invoices between January & October 2019 that have the incorrect VAT Amount.
Is there any workaround with this rather than creating credit notes & new Invoices for these Invoices that have already been settled. is it possible to raise just one Invoice & one credit Note?

If you work out, how much VAT has been missed, you can add it to adjustments on the next vat return, and make a note explaining what it is for future reference.

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