Correcting Bank balances

My QF bank balances are all wrong. To correct is the best way to delete the bank accounts and start again?

The question is why are they wrong? Quite often the opening balance is missing, is that the case then just add the opening balance. Before you delete everything you could reconcile your bank accounts and look what’s wrong. Also, quite often the balance is out because of duplicates, that happens when you use a bank feed or upload a bank statement and also tag an invoice as paid on the invoice.
That are just a few things to look into. Perhaps you could provide a bit more info. I am sure I or someone else here on the forum could help you

You’re entirely correct, it was mainly due to double entries from a bank feed. the problem is the size of the issue, we’re talking hundreds of entries. Also it’s not helped by the fact that the bank feed went down about 6 weeks ago and both the bank and QF are now each saying it’s the other party’s fault! The simple solution seemed to be close the bank and re-open with the actual balance then be very careful with every tagging to ensure we keep on top of it

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