Correcting client name (even for existing invoices and credit notes)

When setting up a client I used the wrong name/address, and I’d like to correct this now. So it’s a correction to the same legal entity, and not a different legal entity.

I can easily modify the client record itself, but this doesn’t change existing invoices. I understand that I need to View each invoice separately and Modify the client, selecting the same client record again (with new name) then Save. This seems to work fine.

Note that these are all internal invoices (for recording merchant sales), nothing has been actually sent out and nothing needs to be sent out again.

But I have one invoice which has been credited in part, with an associated Credit Note in the sales list. For this invoice and the associated credit note, when I View them, there is no option then to Modify them like there is for the other invoices.

How do I update the client name for these to match the corrected version?

Any thoughts on this @QFMathew or @QFSian? Thanks :smiley:

Hi @drmrbrewer

Just saving the invoice itself should trigger the update (but you may need to remove and re-add the client to the invoice itself). It becomes a bit trickier when it’s been credited, however, as the original invoice becomes locked to avoid errors.

Credit notes can’t be edited unfortunately, so it would need to be deleted (which would also unlock the original invoice), and recreated.

Thanks @QFMathew for the shortcut (not having to modify the client explicitly before re-saving the invoice).

For the credit, I’ll delete the credit note and go from there, thanks. Is there any way of resetting the credit note numbering after deleting CN00001? Having CN00002 without any CN00001 (despite having deleted CN00001) is going to trigger my OCD and I’m not sure I can cope :laughing:

Hi @drmrbrewer

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to change the numbering, they are retained for records.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help on this occasion.

OK thanks @QFSian :+1:

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