Council tax on rental property

We are a fitted kitchen company (limited) that also has a residential property which it rents out. During a void period there was a council tax demand. Could you advise whether it’s best to enter this into the normal purchases section or just tag the bank account withdrawals. Whichever case, could you advise how to log the payments? Thanks.

Is the property in name of company or you as person?

It’s in the Company’s name. In fact we have a cottage and a flat rented out, both in the Company’s name.

Tag is against rates and if you are keeping separate nominals for rental side of business to keep track of performance then use use rental rates

Sorry. Still not sure what you mean. If I tag one of the council tax withdrawals on the current account, it comes up with 6 or 7 possibilities, none of which seem to apply. If I then click on the ‘something other than the above’ tab, I then have to decide on what account to post the withdrawal to. There doesn’t seem to be anything marked ‘rates’.

You can tag bank payments of council tax rates to 7103 General Rates or create a new one and call is Rental property rates

Ah, I see. I hadn’t noticed the General Rates category. And I hadn’t realised that you can create new accounts. So that’s helpful. Thanks a lot.