Coupa invoicing

My biggest customer has opted to have all contractors work through this invoicing/payment system.
I can pdf invoices directly into it.
Would it be possible for quickfile to have an auto upload option to do this? (wishing!)

I’m not fully clear on what you’re looking for here?

Where do you want to auto-upload PDFs to? On QuickFile or a third party system?


Oh the clue was in the title :smile:

I’ve not heard of Coupa invoicing before but if there’s more support from other users we can possibly look at this.

We do also have an API allowing developers to build their own integrations:

thank you

its called coupa supplier network.
I will see what you mean by API as I haven’t got a clue!

The API is a technical interface to allow developers to build links to and from QuickFile to other applications. As there are so many different potential partners to integrate with, we provide an API to allow the developer community to solve most of these problems.

We can only commit resources to those integrations that are very widely adopted, e.g. PayPal, Dropbox, Google etc.