Create a new client account - Can I change the email address?

When setting up a new client in affinity, do you enter the clients email and create a password for the client or do you leave the email and password as it it is as it is our special one set up automatically as the affinity agent. Then go to team management and add the client there? I cannot see instructions on this?

Hi @Aspyre_Accountancy

It used to be restricted to the Affinity email addresses, however this was changed some time back. You can safely change it if you wish, which would also create a log in.

As the account is automatically connected to your Affinity account (as it was created through it), there’s no need to add any additional team members.

Please let us know if we can help further

Hi. We have always left the email address and password as it is and consequently such as the details you enter on the first page above are client specific and if I enter the clients name here I end up amending them once the account is created, so that the lead name is ours agent as I then set up the client as a team member.

You can change them if you wish, or you can leave them as the Affinity ones and add a new team member once it’s been created.

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