Create an inventory for individual vehicles

I am wanting to allocate expenses to specific vehicles so that I can run a report to see what I am spending on them. I am not sure if the inventory item is what I need to use.
I am wanting a searchcode name I think

Hello Mary

When processing your transactions you could use project tags (the project being a vehicle)

Under Report > All Report >Project Reports you can then view the projects and their profitability.

If you wish to take the breakdown further you could set up codes for specific types of purchases e.g. MOT, Tyres

Thank you Steve
How do I allocate my previous purchase and sales invoices to the relevant tags as I don’t seem to be able to do it as the vat periods have closed so can’t create a tag

Hello Mary

You would have to open each invoice and add in the relevant project tag.

Here is some more information on projects in QuickFile

Thank you that was very helpful.

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