Create dedicated email sender address

When quickfile sends out emails on my behalf, like invoices and invoice reminders, it sends the email with my email address as the ‘from’ email address. This trips up a lot of spam filters as the email has come from a domain, or IP address that is not authorised to send email on my behalf.
Ideally what quickfile should do is create an email address for me such as and send all emails from that address. It should then populate the ‘reply to’ field in the email headers with my actual email address so that replies come back to me. This would get around any issues with mails getting spammed.

This has to some extent been addressed by allowing you to use your own SMTP service. The built-in mail sending framework would be best left as-is IMO as this is one area that change externally so any workarounds may or may not work in the long term.

I’ve converted this to a feature request, however we have three solutions for this already.

  • Set your sender address as (defaulted for any accounts created in the last 10 months).
  • Configure your own SMTP credentials on your QuickFile account
  • Setup an SPF record on your DNS.

Each of these options is covered in more detail here.