Create Estimate from Invoice


I’ve just come across a feature that I’d expected to exist. I have an invoice for a job we did 3 months ago. The client has just asked me for a price on an identical job. I went to “More Options” where I find a “Copy” option, but no Create Estimate option.

Is this in the pipeline? If not, could I request it as a new feature?

It’s not something I’ve seen requested before… most people want to convert Estimate to Invoices rather than the other way around. That said we’ll leave it open for others to add their vote.

I just created an invoice instead of an estimate, How do I convert the invoice to estimate as the numbers of lines involved is quite huge, is there an easy way of going about this without copying and pasting each lines

Hi @sonicmaxpro

There isn’t a way of doing this at the moment I’m afraid. You’ve actually posted in the request thread for this feature, so I’d recommend keeping an eye here for any developments.

Is there something in the export/backup/import that could save a bit of time?

Unfortunately the backup only contains an overview of the invoice/estimate (client, number, date, due, description, total, VAT etc.). So as for line detail, it wouldn’t really help in this case. However, I’ve just had a thought, and maybe something could be achieved with the API

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As well as the normal estimates, I tend to create estimates for all incoming orders (my way of booking in) I then simply convert to invoice when I need to, this way I have an estimate for future use if I want to duplicate.


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I would like to add my vote to request a new feature of being able to create an estimate from a previous invoice. A lot of our sales are annual renewals and so being able to just create the estimate (in my case quotation) from last year’s invoice would save a lot of copying and pasting.

Thank you.

Hi @Silverfrost

Could you perhaps copy a previous invoice and update it with new details? Would that help?

If I copy an invoice, won’t it then be an invoice rather than an estimate?

Apologies - I misread the post. But yes, you’re correct.

I would suggest adding your vote to this thread at the top of the page for now, if you haven’t already, and we’ll let you know if anything changes here.