Create invoice from estimate yet invoice just for deposit

Hello all,

I am looking for how to use Quickfile to create an invoice from an accepted estimate (which it does amazingly well), although, at this point I would just like to invoice for a deposit, yet show the outstanding balance (based on the accepted estimate) as well as the amount which is NOW due.

Is that too complicated ? I would like to do this because the estimate is quite detailed and we take deposit for our products and a final payment on delivery and so would like to invoice from the accepted estimate, only asking for the deposit, I would like to refrain from creating a separate invoice.

I hope I am making sense ? Thanks in anticipation.

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Whenever you create an invoice from an estimate you will see an option Let me tweak first.

I think what you can then do here is modify the amount before sending the invoice to match the deposit. You would however still need to create a second invoice for the balance if you wish the remaining amount to show on your debtor account from the point of conversion.

The only other thing I can think of here is to split the invoice into two lines with the deposit amount itemised.

You can lodge partial payments against invoices (i.e. for the deposit) and this will reduce the balance on the debtor account.

Thank you Glenn and I really appreciate the response. I did think of both and a few others. Only what I really want is the original invoice to remain and the ‘Amount Now Due’ (Deposit) to be invoiced for. I hope I am making myself clear. I moved away from Sage because that could not cope with this requirement (I am not going to move away from quickfile, I am too impressed).

I may be asking too much, not sure if this could be coded as an modification (big ask :-)). I really like this service, it is fantastic.

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Thanks, I’m glad you like the software!

An invoice is a request for payment, any invoice on any system is going to drop the full balance onto the debtor account, that’s standard accounting practice. I’m not saying what you’re proposing is non-standard it’s just a variation in payment terms and would normally be expressed in some way on the invoice, e.g. on a separate line or in the payment terms box as something like 10% due on receipt, NET due in 30 days.

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