Create old vat returns or reports

Hello, I am trying to produce a vat report for HMRC after two accountants messed up my accounts pre 2014. I inputted dates for Oct 2010 - dec 2010 but the vat return calculation had zeros in all boxes and this occurs right through to January 2015 when I have successfully submitted returns.

I have tried a rollback on all previous submitted returns but I can not produce the old vat returns. All I need is a report showing the totals of all the vat boxes each quarter from Oct 2010 to dec 2014. Is there a way to do report this please.

On the VAT return list screen you can check the following box to show all returns rolled back.

You should then be able to drill down into each return to see the totals entered for boxes 1-9.

Hope that helps!

Hi Glenn,

I have not ever produced VAT returns from oct 2010 - dec 2014 as I had been through 2 accountants in those years who messed up my returns and self assessments. So in Jan 2015 I started using QuickFile and have produced vat returns successfully since going forward, Hmrc want reports showing the previous returns from oct 2010 - dec 14 so I can show them the correct figures but I can not seem to produce them on quickfile - the boxes just show zeros. I have tried rolling back but that’s doesn’t work either.

There’s a start date field saved in the VAT settings which will prevent the return picking up entries before this date, I can see this was set to some time in 2015 but I’ve updated it to 01/01/2010. Try running the returns now.

Thank you very much. It has worked.

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