Create VAT return

I have had no problems before but now I cannot Create a VAT return.
It says I am not authorised. What do I do??

Do you use mtd? There’s some pointers to look at in the knowledge base that could help

Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting

Hi @davidhartley,

Did the guide help you? Are you still having problems?

I discovered that Quickfile’s authorisation to talk to HMRC only lasts 18month. I just needed to re-new it. Quickfile aught to issue a reminder but I don’t think it does.

Hi @davidhartley,

An email reminder is sent out when the link is due to expire, you should have received this (worth checking your junk folder) if you didn’t receive the email then we can look into this for you

Apparently I have not properly authorised Quickfile to access HMRC for VAT. How do I do this?

Reports -> HMRC, disconnect all accounts that are listed there (whatever state they claim to be in), then “connect” again. Once you’ve got your account listed again in the table as “good”, go to your QuickFile VAT settings and make sure online filing and “use MTD features” are both ticked, your tax account is selected in the drop down, and your VAT number is correct.

Ditto. I received an email 13/12/2020 from QuickFile requesting me to re-authorise with HMRC. After many attempts I finally connected on 10/01/2021. However when I attempt to create a VAT report for Oct-Dec 2020 , I receive a message …’You are not yet authorised to view this report for the VRN 228136516. Please ensure etc…’ My VAT number is correct and I have waited 24 hours as suggested. Anyone advise what the problem may be and a solution?

Hi @DaLa, the 24 hour wait is only if you’ve just enrolled for MTD with HMRC. If you’re just renewing your authorisation it should work instantly.

I can see based on your VRN that you’ve now managed to connect the account and file the return.

In most cases where you see that message it means either the VRN is incorrect or the wrong tax account is linked… e.g. a personal account rather than an organisation account.

It’s also worth noting that today from 16:30 HMRC are carrying out maintenance on their MTD gateway which will likely affect all HMRC MTD interactions on QuickFile.

I have used quickfile since Jan 19 to file my vat returns. I am unable to file my December return. I have not had an email requesting that I re-authorise Quickfile to deal with hmrc (referred to in above messages) but the prompt when I tried to create the December vat return sent me down a link to do so. I have done that but now i receive a message from hmrc stating that I lack “authority to view this report” and that I need to check the vat number (done - still correct) “and that connected corresponding hmrc tax account”. I would appreciate some guidance as to how I may get round this problem.

Ignore my query. I have connected to hmrc. thanks

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