Creating an invoice with an activity date as a line item

I and several of my clients invoice customers based on the day the activity took place. Currently, I need to attach a separate time sheet for each invoice. Does the functionality already exist or is it possible to add a ‘date’ column to the invoice template? Everything else is great.

For example:

Date Task Notes Rate Hours Total

Thanks very much.

Couldn’t you just put a note of the date as part of the line description?

No, I did think of that but the item entered as the ‘task’ which is a set field also creates the associated ‘Note’.

There is a way of doing this, and I’ve just had a play around to try and sort it for you :smile:

If you click the green ‘Invoice Gallery’ button (top left)

Customise your template:

Add the following to the CSS Code (opens in a box on the right):

.transform-taskHead_01 {
    content: "Date";

Click Save, and (hopefully) job done! That should change ‘Task’ to ‘Date’ for you :smiley:

Just re-read your post, and not sure if I actually answered your question there! Although a set description is loaded when you select a ‘Task’, you can add details to the description

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Thanks! I’ll give that a try!

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I don’t seem to have that option… when I go into the Advance Customisation area it says I need a power-user subscription which I don’t have.
Plus, I still want to have the Task column because I need to be able to pull up a value depending on which service I’m providing as well as the date. But you’re right in that I can add a date on to the description so that’s a work around, it just doesn’t look very neat and the date doesn’t stand out. Really appreciate your help with this.

Is the Task column essential for what you’re doing?

Another work around would be to rename the column as per the above, and then tweak it as you create it. Just done a quick test, I created a test item and loaded it into the invoice (Typed ‘Test’ into the ‘Task’ column, loaded the price, the description etc), and then simply changed the ‘Task’ column to the date. It keeps the price, the description etc., and then you can have the date instead of a task name.

If you want screenshots of what I mean, let me know and I’ll add some here for you

In terms of changing the column name, this is done from the invoice preview screen rather than invoice customisation.

Hopefully this image will make that a bit clearer:

That seemed to work. It is a workaround but it’s a good option! Thanks very much for your help - really appreciated!!