Creating lump sum payment against multiple items for Directors Loan account

In Dashboard - Purchase Management, I’m selecting a bunch of purchases that I want to reimburse myself for with a single expenses payment. I then click Update As Paid but the radio button on the Grouped Payment screen which is the one I want “Allocate one lump payment then use this to pay down selected invoices” is permanently disabled no matter what other options I select.

Is this a premium feature or am I doing something wrong?

I just saw that if I only select a single purchase and then update as paid, the “Allocate one lump payment then use this to pay down selected invoices” option IS available. This functionality seems the wrong way round unless I’m missing something here.

Hi @RichLiv

Regarding your first post with the option being disabled, are the purchases for multiple suppliers, or are they all the same supplier?

Payments themselves can only be linked to one supplier, so if they are different, this is likely to be why the option is disabled compared to when just one is selected.

They are different suppliers, true, but my scenario is that I am a small business, I incur various expenses (from different suppliers) and pay them personally, then reimburse myself in one lump sum. So in that scenario, should I just set myself up as the supplier so this feature works? Or is there a better way to log this kind of thing? Thanks for the assistance, I am just learning the ropes of Quickfile although I’ve been a freelance software developer (worked on Quicken once upon a time) for many years so I am reasonably conversant with the area.

In this case, I think this is the best way to achieve this:

  • Mark the invoices as paid (individually) from the DLA on the day you paid for them personally
  • When the business reimburses you, create a new entry for the sum paid in the current account, and tag it as a transfer between accounts, selecting the DLA
  • This should then balance it out

There’s a bit more on this here, and an example scenario here, both of which may help.

Hopefully that’ll put you on the right track, but please do let me know if we can help further :slight_smile:

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