Creating purchase credit by API

Hi Team,

As per our business model, we are required to crate purchase credit invoice on cancellation.
Using your one API available we are able to implement the sales credit, but we are required to create purchase credit against required PURCHASE invoice by API.

Could you please, help us with right steps to achieve the above mentioned requirement.
Your quick response is highly appreciated.

Aashish Choubey

Hi @Aashish

This isn’t something that’s supported at present, only sales credit notes are.

It is planned, but with a few big changes coming up (MTD, Open Banking etc.), our development team have been working on these key areas recently. We’ll certainly let you know through the forum when this is live however.

Hi Mathew
I really need to be able to raise Debit Notes against faulty goods from suppliers too. Would appreciate being able to do this as soon as possible please. Thanks Margaret.

Hi @mesholmes1956

If you mean a credit note, were you looking to do this using the API? It’s still possible to do this from within QuickFile itself, just not the API at this time.

Hi Mathew, I’m looking to do this in QuickFile, but can’t work out how or where to do this. Kind regards Margaret.

The original post here was specific to the API. If you’re looking for a general approach to raising credit notes please take a look here:

Managing credit notes

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