Creating purchases

I have created a purchase and filled in all the areas required but when I go to save it says please check the item line is incomplete. I can’t see what I am doing wrong. It is referring to the line with the amount of invoice vat etc

Hi @handbagqueen73

I have sent you a message requesting some further information to help you get this resolved.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think I have sorted that but what I am now confused about is I have a shop and Im not sure how to record the sales. Do I have to record cash and cards separately . I have a bank feed and I have tagged them on there as general sales but they don’t seem to appear when I go into sales??

Have you seen the guide in the knowledgebase for this?

There also another guide for doing more complex sales entries too, and quite a few posts on the forum about various methods.

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OK thanks, I find it all really confusing. I thought I would be able to log all the bank entries as sales and then just add the cash but I have to create invoices???

What are you tagging the bank entries to exactly?

You could create invoices from the bank entries (which would show up as sales) but this is sometimes not optimal as it doesn’t account for different VAT rates for example. Also you would need to still keep paper records if you don’t upload anything to Quickfile to be able to provide HMRC with any backing reports for all these transactions and invoices.

To general sales as I was hoping that this would give my total sales through the card machine and then all I would need to do is add the cash sales and it would work out the VAT due

Hi @handbagqueen73

VAT is only counted from the invoices and payments (depending if you’re using cash or accrual accounting).

Although you may not be issuing invoices as such, this would be the correct way to record them. I recommend checking out the cash register tool @Lurch mentioned above which is a popular way for other users to enter their takings for both cash and card.

ok thanks, I’ll have another look

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