Credit balance on client's account from previous system

I’ve just started using QuickFile and I have regular payments from a client straddling my financial year end. This has resulted in a large credit showing in the clients screen which is not an actual credit due to the dates on which invoices and credits were created between QuickFile and my previous system on QuickBooks. Is there a way I can alter this credit?
Many thanks for any help.

Apologies I cannot get my head around the question. Do you mean they have paid you earlier than the invoice date? Donna

Hi Donna, Thanks for your reply.
As the client pays regular amounts for ongoing maintenance, she is sometimes in credit and at other times in debit depending on what works I’m billing for. The problem is really a technical one in that as she was in credit when I changed to QuickFile, when her account is actually balanced it is showing as in credit, which is confusing the client when she logs in to her page.
Not sure I’ve explained that too well!