Credit balance on supplier account

Hi - I have just switched to Quickfile from Sage and a couple of our supplier accounts have a “Debit” balance on them either over paid or a credit note sitting on the account.

These do not show up on the report “Creditor (Suppliers) Ageing Report”. The only one that does is where there is a payment and an invoice that are not set against each other.

Credit notes cannot be entered without and invoice to set them against, but we have a supplier that issued a credit note for us to use in the future.

Please confirm the above.

Thank you

Hi @Warmergroup

Welcome to QuickFile!

You’re correct with what you say about supplier credit notes cannot be created without an invoice, however there are a few ways this can still be achieved.

I’d recommend taking a look at these posts. In some cases, they may refer to clients, but the client and supplier interfaces are very similar:

Please let me know if you need any further help with this, and I’ll certainly try my best! :slight_smile:

Hi - I have entered the credits, but these do not show on the “Creditor (Suppliers) Ageing Report” though

The credits themselves won’t appear on the aging reports if there are no invoices outstanding for them.

You can however view them from your supplier management screen by doing an advanced search:

Hope that helps!

Hi - the only way to have them show up is to enter an invoice for 1p, which is a bit crazy - any reason this is not shown?

It’s shown under a different report (such as the advanced search I showed above, or the Debtors and Creditors Historical report under All Reports).

The report you’ve mentioned above is to show you what’s owed to a supplier/by a client at the current point in time.

I did find this explanation from my colleague, which probably explains it better than I can:

So there is no way to just create a negative balance?

Having read the two links, it seems that I need “deposit to a bank account” and I haven’t the first clue what they means or what it entails.

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