Credit card bank feeds


I really like the feed feature and find it saves me a lot of time. Great!

I use credit cards to keep track of my expenses and wondered if you were planning a similar feature for cards. At present I use Halifax for overseas purchases and Capital One for domestic.



Building bank feeds is incredibly complex and requires a lot of maintenance on our side. That’s because none of the banks provide dedicated APIs for obtaining the feeds, so we need to write some horribly convoluted code for every bank. Any change on the bank side and this breaks our code, demanding a lot of resources to keep them working.

At the moment I’m afraid we can’t devote more resources to expanding the list of bank feeds. You may however want to ask your bank to provide a dedicated API for 3rd party feeds. Any bank that commits to this we will certainly do our best to integrate with them.

If you know javascript you could also potentially write your own…our bank feeds are open-source.