Credit card over-payment


Please can someone help me decide the best way to record this situation in my accounts…

A customer tried to order product A (price £79.95) but put the order in for products A & B (£79.95 & £85.95) and then paid it via credit card (total £165.90).

I amended the order value manually so it was £79.95 and refunded £85.95 to their credit card a few days later. What I want to do is tag the payment of £165.90 on the credit card account so that part of the money is allocated to the sale and then tag the remaining balance of £85.95 against the refund.

The system doesn’t seem to want me to do this - can anyone suggest the best way to deal with this.

Thanks, Adam

Go ahead and tag the £165.90 as “payment from a customer”, “pay down multiple invoices”, and you can assign the payment so part of it pays that invoice and the rest is treated as a payment on account.

Now click the “tagged” button, and the link on the word “payment” (“This payment is from customer X…”). This should take you to the payment record screen and since the payment is part unallocated there’s a “refund balance” option at the top.


Hi Ian,

That worked a treat, thanks so much! I spent hours and never saw that link.

Thanks for taking the time to get me out of a hole, much appreciated!


Glad you’ve sorted it. As usual in QuickFile there’s several different routes to reach that payment record - you can follow the link in the tagged popup, you can go to the invoice and use the “there is a payment #SPnnnn assigned to this invoice” link at the top, or you can go via the client summary page and view all payments.


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