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Credit Card - paying from Bank Account duplicate entries

My Bank Account and my Credit Card both have bank feed on. Works perfectly.

I pay my Credit Card from my Bank Account. I tag my Bank Account payment as going to my Credit Card, and an entry appears on my Credit Card showing the transfer. But when the Credit Card feed updates it pulls down the payment. Now I have two payments in QF.

What’s the correct procedure I should use to avoid this?


I have created an additional in Banking “Credit Card Accounts” for the Bank Current Account and the Credit Card accounts transfer these bank feeds “Credit Card (Suspense)”.

By having an additional account “Credit Card (Suspense)” the bank feed works without any duplications as they are held in the suspense account. Generally this account should be showing with a zero balance, except for odd occasions when a payment is credited to the credit card the next day.

Are the dates the same? If so just wait until the credit card feed pulls the transaction in then when you tag the payment (from either end) the matching transaction should be found and the transfers will be linked. If the date differs this method won’t match the transactions.

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