Credit card payments appear twice

Hi - I am paying down a credit card balance by a monthly standing order of a fixed sum. This shows up on my current account as ‘money out’ with a status saying ‘confirm’. If I do this, the payment then shows up twice on my credit card in Quickfile, once as a ‘transfer from current account’ and once as a ‘payment’. How should I avoid this?

Hi @alexr,

This sounds like you have a rule in place already for this type of transaction.

What you want is to tag the money out of your current account as a transfer between accounts which will then go in to the credit card account.

Hope this helps?

Thanks - so how do I get rid of that rule? And does this mean that other regular entries showing up as having a rule will also be entered twice (e.g. insurance payments etc)?

Hi @alexr,

If you go to Banking > Bank Tagging Rules this will show you all the rules you have in place, you can amend/delete them from here.

Entries shouldn’t show twice, the rule will be to tag them to a specific place. So i’m not sure what you mean without you giving a specific example?

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