Credit cards in "Money Owed"

I like the at a glance “owed to you” vs “you owe” in the dashboard but it would seem to be logical if it included the balance on any credit card accounts. There may be a flag to set on the account as to include it or not for flexibility.

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These figures are referenced purely from invoices I’m not convinced it’s the right place to include credit card and loan balances too. It may be difficult drawing the line over what liabilities should and should not be included here, it’s better to refer to the balance sheet for that kind of thing.

Long term loan balance I agree but liquid assets and liabilities would make sense. After all if they were not on the CC then there would be an invoice for them. Also VAT coming in / due out. The balance sheet is of no use for this as liabilities includes things like depreciation. The dashboard should be an at a glance where are we right now.
Anway just an idea.

I’m not sure I’d agree with this. I like the dashboard as it is, I know how much customers owe me and I know how much is leaving my bank account this month. If you start adding liabilities, VAT due etc… then I won’t have any idea how much is from what so it pretty much renders the whole thing useless for ‘at a glance’.

I see your point but for me it is all about the cash. 5k in invoices due in, 3k invoices due out, 1k CC due out, and 1k VAT refund due in. Not interested in non short term cash liabilities.

  • the VAT is a “nice to have” but the CC I think is important as it is identical to purchases on an invoice - but it is the CC that is doing the invoicing. I don’t use it but if you have X due in from Paypal that month I think that would also be good to see.

The dashboard is (to me anyway) all about cash.

I suppose an option in the various accounts to ‘use for dashboard totals’ could be the answer. You could then leave the defaults as they are and then add other accounts, PayPal, CC etc. How to include VAT liabilities and the like may be more complex.

i would agree ith this having option to add liabilities or tax refund would be good, it then be up to you if you want it included or not personal anything that is short term i would want included long term no but that is my personal choice

Whatever solution we come up with here would need to be configurable.

It wouldn’t be difficult to add a flag to specific bank accounts (or even better nominal codes) so that those balances are factored into the “Money you Owe” total. The only problem I see here is that there becomes a disconnect when clicking that red box, as it will end up showing a list of outstanding invoices with a total that differs from the dashboard.

The way around this would be to slide out a breakdown with links to each total, this is doable but not a quick fix, so would need to be scheduled in with out other planned work.


@Paul this may be of interest to you. You can now add additional nominals ledger balances (including bank or credit card accounts) to your dashboard totals.

Thanks I was just looking at that, looks like exactly what I am after!

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