Credit note allocation


How do I deal with credit notes? There is a credit note on the customers account which has been refunded through the bank account
When I try to allocate the payment in the bank to the customer I get a message saying can’t do this
I started again and left the credit note with allocated to bank account - bank now tagged but credit still showing on customers account
What should I have done

If there’s a credit held on account in QuickFile then there will be a corresponding “payment” record associated with it. From the customer’s overview page, view all payments, then use the advanced search box to filter for “unallocated” ones. Click through to “view details” on the relevant payment and there should be an option at the top to “refund balance”. Pick the relevant date and bank account and this will create a new pre-tagged transaction in the bank account for the refund. Finally you can then delete the duplicate bank transaction to make the balance line up correctly.

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Thanks Ian, now sorted


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