Credit Note no Bank Journal

Why is it when I raise a credit not it insists on making bank/ cash journal?

Hello @John_Charnock1

When you credit directly from an invoice it will auto allocate to the invoice

If you raise a manual credit it will process it as a refund


I have 12 invoices to credit 12 × 450, I was hoping to do it in one transaction of £5400.00. Is that not possible ?

Hello @John_Charnock1

If you want to only show 1 transaction in your bank for 5400.00 you could do this by crediting the invoices to a dummy bank account.

You then record a bank transfer showing the 1 transaction in your bank for 5400.00 moving to clear the balance on the dummy account.

But either way you still have to credit each invoice to process the refunds.

In summary, I have to raise a CR for each individual invoice raised, how do I process the refund to the customer - it seems to double up on the refund / credit

Hello @John_Charnock1

The way it would work is

  • You set up the new “Dummy bank account in the banking screen” (example “Holding Account”)
  • Process the credit notes - refund using the “Holding Account”


e.g. 10 x refunds of £100 each = £1000 balance on the account

  • In your current account record a £1000 Money Out transaction.
  • Tag it as a bank transfer.
  • This will show £1000 leaving the current account and clear the balance on the Holding account.




Thanks, that process worked.

I am crediting another Quick file account managed by me.

Is there a similar reverse process?

Tagging refund from a supplier does not seem to work.



Hello John

The refund must be processed from the invoice or from the manual credit note.

It is pretty much the same process, if it is just a single credit and you already have a matching bank transaction (from a bank feed for example) for the refund, process the refund from the credit then delete the duplicate in the bank you already had to stop doubling up the values.

Hi Steve

I figured it out and got there in the end, thanks


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