Credit note on account

I cannot find the ‘add credit link anywhere’ am I missing something?

Hi @ESL62

They are referred to as prepayments now and the button is located in the “More Options” menu on the supplier/client detail screen.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Ok when I do this it puts a credit balance in the Supplier holing account. I also cannot see the credit note showing on the suppliers account. How do I pay it if is a credit balance on the supplier holding account?

A prepayment doesn’t create a “credit note” as such, it’s treated as a payment you have made to the supplier but that is not associated with any particular purchase. Next time you buy something from this supplier and create a purchase record for it in QuickFile, you will get an “apply from credit” option when you log payment on the purchase, that will allow you to attach the prepayment to the new purchase.

Can I just not allocate the payment to the account and leave it showing there unallocated?

That’s what “new prepayment” does - you’ll see the unallocated amount in the top right of the supplier’s overview page

How can I get past this error message?

  1. When I enter the purchase as a - figure it tells me the value must be greater than 1

  2. Try to tag the payment in to the Suppliers Holding Credit account to a supplier it says Allocate to Supplier:
    Bellew Electrical Ltd (Dundalk)

Allocate to Purchase:
Invoices with items posted to more than one nominal account will not appear here. For such cases a manual credit note will need to be applied.
No qualifying purchases could be found to refund against. Make sure the corresponding purchase has been logged before you attempt to process this refund.

Sorry for the typing but I cannot seem to screen shot the page.

Sorry does this follow from your earlier posts about crediting a supplier account?

The message you’ve pasted I believe originates from bank tagging. From bank tagging you can only process refunds against previously raised invoices, which I don’t believe you want to do in this case?

If you want to apply a credit and hold this on the supplier account, you can either enter a prepayment from the supplier screen (as discussed) or you must locate the original invoice that the supplier credit relates to and lodge a credit note against this, opting to hold funds on account.

Oh Ok I was trying to follow another thread where you set up a holding credit account and transfer into it. I will just wait till I get invoiced as I somehow have the credit note first.

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