Credit note partially paid invoice


I’ve got a invoice for 129 (65 was paid) [Partial status].

I has to credit whole invoice and so I’ve made second credit note for all remaining paid amount of 65.

Now I have credit note issued for customer for amount -65 but the original one still have “Partial” status and Balance Due (GBP): 64.00

How to deal with this?

You would need to go to the Partially Paid invoice and issue the credit note from there.

This will cancel any outstanding balance left on that invoice. If you’ve created a separate Credit Note for the £65 I would delete that.

I’m sure I’ve created a Credit Note exactly as you show here but outstanding balance are not cancelled.
Can you look at this for me please?

I see on invoice #SAG100 that you have credit noted the £65 paid and reallocated this to another invoice.

You need a second credit note to write down the £64 balance on the original invoice, you can do this as per my previous screenshot. Then just choose the option “Reduce unpaid balance”.

I couldn’t do that because when I choose “Credit Note” option on invoice SAG100 its says I can’t do this with 0.00 balance.

So I’ve made “reduce unpaid balance” and… now Invoice SAG104 is doubled (what do do with this - it shouldn’t be removed [HMRC rules]…) and I have new credit note CN00010.

Don’t get it :wink: .

You have a part paid invoice, you’ve credit noted the payment part and held it on account. The remaining balance will still remain outstanding unless you credit note that too. I’m not sure what HMRC rules you’re referring to but you can’t fully reverse an invoice by just refunding the payment part.

Invoice #SAG100 looks correct as per my description above.

I don’t know what you mean by this? I see a new invoice SAG105 for £89.00 but if you check the event log for this, it came from a recurring invoice, nothing to do with what we discussed above.

Ok, regarding #SAG105 I though I set up next month to start with this recur. Invoice - I get it - sorry :slight_smile: .

Yes, I can credit / refund Invoice but I can’t delete it right? (this is the HMRC rules what I’m talking about).
Anyway - thank you so much for your help and hard work for this awesome service!.

Have a good day Glenn.

No probs!

Deleting invoices in QuickFile just marks them as deleted, you can still view them in the main invoice list by clicking the “Deleted” radio option in the bottom right. I understand what you mean now regarding HMRC requirements, for audit purposes it will remain accessible but it won’t have any affect on your records.

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