Credit note without entry on bank

When Saving I get the following message:
Credit Note Options
Refund from account - CURRENT ACCOUNT
Refund method Bank Transfer
Where is the option to hold the credit on account?

Please assist


Is this a client or a supplier credit note?

A New Sales Invoice Raised with Minus value = Sale Credit Note
Client Debtor account us at present overpaid

You need some form of bank entry to tie the money transaction to - it’s the way QuickFile works.

When you try to save it, you will get the option for the bank account, but you see the following highlighted message:

This link will take you to the following page. Method 2 should help in this case.

You may it easier to just raise a credit note against an existing invoice if you have one.

Hope that helps

Sorry for my lack of knowledge.
How do you raise a credit note against a sales invoice?

If you locate the original sales invoice, on the preview screen, you will see a “More Options” button, the credit note option is in this sub menu.