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Credit Note won't allocate

I raised a partial credit note against a supplier’s invoice. There were no options other than to save it as a refund. However, now I am coming to pay all outstanding invoices, the credit hasn’t been allocated to the invoice value. If I try to include the credit note value, it says this has already been paid. - What am I doing wrong?

Hi @WalkerTim

I just wanted to confirm a few things if I may -

  • When you created the credit note, what state was the invoice then? I’m assuming it was part paid or paid in full?
  • When you mention “the credit hasn’t been allocated to the invoice value”, where are you seeing (or rather, not seeing) this?

Hi - the invoice wasn’t paid. We bulk pay groups of invoices, offsetting any credit notes that have come in. In some instances the CN will be for a paid invoice and in some in will be for an unpaid invoice. In some it will be for both!

In terms of when, in this instance, I created a credit note against both a paid and then an unpaid invoice. When I tagged them all to mark as paid, the totals didn’t add up (the credits weren’t being applied). If I just tried to pay the invoice the credit applied to, then this gave me a correct total.

Ok, so in this case the credit note was for an unpaid invoice? If that’s the case, that’s why you wouldn’t have the refund option (as there was nothing paid to refund).

With credit notes (and partial payments), they aren’t automatically reflected in the outstanding balance. You can view it by going to More Options >> Show all partial balances or click on the total of that particular invoice (it will be underlined).

With tagging a payment to it, you can use “Pay down multiple invoices” to bring this up. Initially the search will only look for a matching invoice with a matching total value.

I hope that helps!

ok - so how do I enter a credit note and get an outstanding balance if I am making a bulk payment of all invoices to a supplier?

I can’t find a “paydown multiple invoices” - where do I start looking for this?

When you are tagging a bank transaction and you select “payment to a supplier” or “payment from a customer”, there’s a button “pay down multiple invoices or assign to account”. If you select this and choose a customer/supplier you get a list of all outstanding items for them and can assign the payment to zero or more of them (zero makes it a prepayment).

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