Credit Notes from a supplier

Not sure if I am just misreading things.

I have a credit note from a supplier, I have brought up the original invoice and issued the credit against that invoice. I have then brought up what money is outstanding to the supplier and it is still reading the same amount, the original invoice does not show a reduction and the credit note is not shown.

I have read the following,
“When you create a credit note against a purchase that is not fully paid it gives you the choice between refunding payments already made or reducing the unpaid balance. The credit should only show on your bank account if you chose the “refund” option”

I can not find any way that it gives me the option to reduce unpaid balance.



Can I just check, was this on the invoice view, More Options >> Create a credit note? This should have created the credit note for you. When you save it, that’s when you’ll be given the option on the refund or holding funds on the account, or if it’s unpaid, reduce the balance.

Yes it gives me that option, but when I go to to the supplier and list outstanding (pay once a month) the invoice that the credit is alloocated agaist still shows the original amount. If I then clicked on all outstanding so I have a total to pay it gives the costs of all the original prices entered. If I list show all the credit not is there and when checking it is allocated against the correct invoice. My concern is that I have to do a manuel calculation.

If you click on the outstanding balance, this will change to the partial balance of the invoice. It should appear underlined initially to show there’s a partial balance.

I’ve mentioned this as part of my general credit note moaning posts but it doesn’t do this underlining bit for purchase invoices. Sales invoices get underlining for partial balances but purchase invoices don’t so the wrong balance often gets paid.

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