Credit notes, supplier accounts and locked VAT periods

Q1: I have a credit note locked in a VAT return (last Q and my first in QF) where I had grouped 3 returns into one QF credit note. I deleted it by accident (apparently shouldn’t be possible). I have now started in bank statement and tagged each of the three refunds to paid invoices from the same period, as recommended.
My question is what happens to the VAT in the locked quarter? will the tagged bank transactions reduce the correct VAT amount and how can I check? should I just ask QF to re-instate the deleted credit note and sort out a different way?

Q2. Related as I have another credit note locked in same VAT return that needs allocating. It has to be allocated to a bank or credit card account but I don’t want it as a refund into a bank but a refund to a supplier account. This is because we pay supplier account monthly and so had one payment leaving bank to supplier, that I tagged to multiple invoices, and no separate transaction for refund.

What do I do with this credit note? how do I link it to the supplier? I can’t link bank transaction to credit note. I know which invoice to refund against but the payment is lumped together in one sum with multiple invoices.
I love being able to tag multiple invoices from a single bank payment but maybe I should create a supplier account in the banking section instead?

I think I have worked out best process for future data entry, and admit to getting very muddled about credit notes, but am stuck on this from last Q and worried about what it will do to VAT numbers.

Many thanks for any suggestions anyone may have. None of the threads I found seemed to relate to quite this situation.

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