Credit notes

How do I issue a credit note.

Hi @hmichaelcumming

To issue a credit note, go into the invoice itself, and click ‘More Options’:

Select ‘Credit Note’

Fill out the invoice, and go from there.

If it’s a supplier invoice you’re crediting, the process is very similar.

If you get stuck, please let me know :slight_smile:

Credit notes do not always refer to a specific invoice. We have a situation where we are invoice estimated figures during a year and then subsequently, in a different financial year, we will possibly receive a credit note from the service provider. This is a cost we pass on to our customers, so at that time I have to issue credit notes to them. In this situation revisiting an earlier invoice to create a credit note does not seem appropriate as different accounting periods are involved.

I really don’t see why you cannot just have options under both sales and purchases to create credit notes, just as you do for invoices!

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If you could add your vote to this feature request (there is more interest in this feature than the topic indicates).

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Tell me how and it’s done.

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Just ‘like’ the post I think should do it, and/or reply with a ‘yes please do this please’.

I don’t do any social media so I do not understand “like” or all that c**p, lol. Do I click the heart?

I’ve been an accountant for nearly 50 years so I get really annoyed when these IT, so called experts, start trying to make things unrealistic because, at the end of the day, they do not really understand how accounts work, or more likely, they are too lazy to code stuff properly!


To give the team credit (I know I’ve complained a bit in the last few posts but this feature tracking really is dreadful) the credit feature worked fine for me for years with single refunds and credits against single invoices. It was only once I had several trade credit accounts it went downhill fast and it ended up in a right old state. The current method isn’t wrong, it’s just not flexible enough to cover a lot of other scenarios outside of the one it was written for (single cash invoices).

Hi @Flip

I’m sorry to hear you feel this way. However, I can assure you that our team take great care in coding. We are regulated by the FCA so our processes have been vetted to a strict standard.

Also, just to clarify, our team is made up of more than just coders. @Joe for example (one of QuickFile’s co-founders) is an accountant and has a great involvement in the development of our software. It’s just sometimes unfortunately things are easier on paper or in theory than it is in code.

But, we do welcome any feedback, and even have a dedicated category (#feature) for suggestions and requests. You’re more than welcome to post anything you would like to see changed here (or as @Lurch mentions, you can add your vote to an existing request).

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