Credit on account for customer double payment for one single invoice

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Could someone help me…

A customer & my accountant have just realised that the customer made two exact payments into my account for One Invoice about 6 months ago. In all the customer paid twice for the sole invoice.

I need to raise a credit on their account for the value of the invoice. You can only raise a credit against an invoice that is shown. I dont want to do that as it was paid once.

I need to raise a credit to show on their account that they paid twice to an invoice on their account. What is the best way of doing this so that it shows also on their statement.

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If you locate the client in questions and go to view all payments, you should be able to locate the payment there with an unallocated balance. If you drill down on that payment there will be an option to refund that unallocated balance. It will prompt you to nominate a bank account and the amount being returned.

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Thanks Glenn…
If you Refund Balance does that show as a credit on the account as they do have an outstanding balance for payment

This should be used in cases where the funds are being physically returned to the client. If you’re simply holding these funds on account to offset against future invoices then you can leave as is.

At the moment if that double payment is tagged you should see the balance already sitting on the client account:

Thanks once again Glenn. Your help is invaluble

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okay the double payment is tagged to the client. It shows on the home screen of the client of a prepayment of £208.11.

however this does not show on a statement?

The customer would like a statement (historical) that shows their all time invoices and payments that would also show this overpayment which can be allocated against there present outstanding payment…is ther a way of this being shown??


The itemised part of the statement will only show payments that are allocated. The summary at the top however should still show any balance of payments made on account.