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Hi, I have just started using Quickfile and have a problem with a credit note that I have as the invoice to it is in my last years books so I have no Invoice to credit it against. I do not use this supplier very often and this was for a surcharge that I had been charged for. My other account package that i was using just creates a purchase credit in the same way you create a purchase Invoice. Can you please advise me how to deal with this problem.


Did you receive a refund as a result of the credit note, or was it just writing off the value (either in full or in part) of a previously issued invoice (that’s not on QuickFile)?

Yes I received a refund of the surcharge part of the Invoice.

Thank you for confirming.

If you can tie it to an original invoice, great - you can use the built in “Credit note” button to do this for you. So if this invoice is on QuickFile, go to it, click More Options and select Credit Note.

If you don’t have the invoice on QuickFile (e.g because it was on another accounting package and you only imported opening balances), you can do the simple create a purchase invoice as you normally would, but set the value to a negative figure.

For example, select your category, enter your description, and then enter a negative figure, let’s say -10.00. This automatically picks up as a credit note and will prompt you to log the refund transaction into your bank account.

I hope that helps, but please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.

thanks I will do that.

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