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Credited in Part do not show on Purchasing Management Dashboard


We have just come to do our BACS run to our suppliers using the Dashboard - Purchase Management

example only showing one supplier for this thread,

Which shows a balance of £111.34 and does not show the Credit in part for QF00400.
Infact QF00400 should show £10.03 and not £29.82

All the options to see the lists of purchase invoices be it all or outstanding and the exported report in more options do not show the Credit in Part and so the wrong amount to pay is displayed.
How do I generate a report to show the credit in part and what I will be paying our lists of suppliers?



Hi @ChrisatIIOnline

The total column is always the total, but there is an option to show the partial balances under “More Options”:

I think perhaps the Debtor/Creditor report may help here, as this shows the actual balances rather than the invoice total.

Or, if you use the “Export Batch Payment List”, this will show you the same - the balance rather than the invoice total.


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