Credited invoice value different from original invoice value

Hello Support team,
I have an issue with credit note values being different from the original invoice values in pound sterling in case the invoice is issued in another currency. It’s a bit complicated, but I explain the details here:

We issued an invoice on 09 Oct. Value in HUF: 944 600. Exch rate: 423.8215
I see this on the bank account as 2,228.77 GBP (money in).This is fine.

Later when it turned out that I need to issue a credit note for this and reissue a new invoice (due to VAT registration I had to cancel all my invoices for a specific period and then resubmit again with VAT values, but this is a different story…)
So I opened the invoice and issued a credit note on the total amount. I set the date for the same as the original issue date: 09 Oct. On the credit note I can see the same amounts:
Value in HUF: - 944 600. Exch rate: 423.8215 >> - 2,228.77 GBP

But on the bank account this credit appears as - 2,125.59 (money out) It seems that the system is using another exhange rate here. Although it is the same day 09 Oct for both the in and out.

Can you help to fix this or advise how I can achieve that the credited amount is the same as the original invoice amount in GBP as well? This way it creates either a profit or a loss in the accounting.

Thank you,

Hi @stilldesign

I’m looking into this for you.

How did you create the credit note? If you credited the original invoice (More options > Credit Note), it should allow you to input the GBP value:

This has created the refund entry for the entered amount on my test account:

Yes we did the credit note the same way you are showing above but there is a different amount on the bank account.

Ok, thank you confirming. I’ll refer this to a colleague who may be able to see something I’m not. Bear with us!

I see the credit note was actually using the exchange rate on the day it was issue rather than the 9th. I’ve manually fixed this now.

I’ve not been able to replicate this as yet, but I will analyse further tomorrow.

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