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Crediting a greater value than invoice


Is there a way to credit an invoice with a greater value than the original invoice cost? When i try it wont let me.

I have an invoice for £200 and I need to credit the client £400. Whats the work around if the above isnt possible?

Hi @charlotte

It isn’t possible unfortunately.

Are you able to tell us a bit more about the situation and maybe we could advise further? For example, is it a good will credit?

The service the client booked was late so they used an alternative service, we said we would cover the costs of this which exceeds what we invoiced them for.

I have just tried to raise a negative invoice amount which seems to work so I guess this will be the work around? And then I can just “pay funds to clients bank account”.

Yes, a negative invoice is the best way to deal with this, although it wouldn’t tie it back to the original invoice.

If you need the link to leave a trail, you could possibly raise 2 separate credit notes - 1 for the £200.00 from the original invoice, and then a negative invoice for the balance.

Hope that makes sense?

Hi Mathew, thats great thank, I will do that!

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