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Creditor Control Account

There’s a balance on the Creditors Control Account - nothing unusual I know. However, where can I get a list of the Purchase Account balances including prepayments? For that matter why don’t prepayments on Purchase Accounts actually show as a debtor balance on the account?
For example, Bulb energy supplier is paid on a regular budget usage basis by DD, so their purchase ledger account is debited, then, as the actual usage invoices arrive these are credited. At the end of summer, Bulb owe money but there seems to be no report where this shows. Am I missing something? Can a super user create one?

Hi @Jakethegrey

You can get a breakdown of what is included in the Creditors Control Account balance by clicking the magnifying glass next to that nominal

I’m not sure that this is of much use as it’ll probably show over 3000 entries for this company’s accounts Beth.

What I need (and what should be readily available in any set of accounts) is a list of suppliers with outstanding balances, either debit or credit, with a total that should match the control account balance.



Hi @Jakethegrey

You should be able to get that information from the Debtor/Creditor report: Debtor / Creditor Report

Thanks again Beth. This tells me that control account equates to prepayments but doesn’t provide list of suppliers to support the figure.

Hi @Jakethegrey

If you view the list of suppliers and then do an advanced search and view the pre-payments on the account:

Thank you Beth. How did I miss that? Problem solved as can then sort on prepayment column.
Thanks again.

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