Creditors Control Account

Ok so i have searched, and cant seem to find a definitive answer some say one way others say another.

I have imported my trial balance from the previous year, the creditors account has a balance of around £6,350.00
quite a few debts owed, payments towards this balance are in the bank account, since VAT should have been accounted for already in the trial balance, can i post these payments directly to the creditors control account (to reduce the balance i assume ?)

Also am i suppose to add a journal for this and how would i go about that ?

DR (from which account)
CR (which account)

Any help in this would greatly appreciated…

Surely someone must be able to point me in the right direction ?

We don’t have huge representation here from accountants and bookkeepers, at least not at the moment, but that may change.

I definitely think you should try posting on one of the following, I’m sure you’ll get a quicker response there.

You can reduce opening creditors balance through journals, if you have recorded any out going transaction in bank already then better delete them and perform following journals

Ok thanks for the info

Also thank you for this, this has helped greatly, i can now deal with these payments that was causing me a massive headache.

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