CRM Lead Integration

any undated with regards too CRM Integration looking for one now but don’t want to commit to one then quickfile bring one out trying to keep all in one place.

I’m currently developing one, but it’s still a while off. Aiming for around end of August/Start of September for public testing.


We aren’t actively looking to integrate with any particular CRM system mainly because there’s nothing out there that really stands out. I’m a big fan of Google Apps so I think we’ll look at closer integration with some of the different Google Services, we’ve already recently connected Quick File to Google Calendar.

Also @Parker1090 is working with our API to develop a CRM solution so it’s definitely worth waiting to see what happens there!


thanks for this will do that glen, the system so far is superb well done and keep up the hard work !


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Are you any nearer with your CRM development?

Best Regards
Melvyn Page

Hi @Melonline

Due to a large influx of client work, it’s currently slow progress. It is however, still very much our mission to get it done. Do you want to send me a private message with your email address and I’ll keep you updated?

We are developing a cloud based CRM system / workforce field service management software for UK based gas engineers, plumbers, electricians, HVAC engineers, etc. We are planning to link it to an Accounting Software. In the future once our system is ready, we can start to integrate it with yours, and we possibly could become one of your API partners?
Would you be interested?

We have a few questions regarding your software and its integration into our system.

  1. Would it be possible to feed your system with customer data and other invoice details from our CRM? Then your system would generate the invoice, then we need a feedback if the invoice has been issued with the correct details. We also need a copy of the invoice in our database. Can we get an updated copy in our system via your API?
    Is it possible to synchronise customer data and invoices between your system and our CRM system?

  2. What sort of data parameters do you need from our system regarding payments and payment methods (Bank transfer, Cash, Stripe, Go cardless, Paypal)?
    How does your system identify and tag a payment? Is it possible to get an update from your system regarding payment status? What API method do we need to use for that?

What happens if a customer accidentally pays less or more than the amount due?
What happens if a customer pays 2 or more invoices at same time?

  1. How about daily API call limit?
    Is it possible to request the number of remaining API calls?
    Does this request count as an API call?
    How long does it take to increase the limit if needed?
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Hello @M25Rob

Yes, that’s certainly possible. You would just submit your app once it’s ready. We’ll review it and if everything is good, it will appear in the app marketplace.

If you send data to us, we can create/update it. If you create it, we’ll give you an ID back. You can use the ID to update the records. We do have a webhooks feature, but we don’t currently offer this with the market place apps. This may change in the future however.

We have a variety of API methods, available here: There is a specific Bank_CreateTransaction which creates an untagged bank transaction, or there’s the Payment_Create method which creates a tagged entry.

A balance is left on the client’s account as a prepayment, the same as in the web interface.

This isn’t currently supported via the API.

The limit is 1,000 per 24 hour period by default. There’s no way to check this at present, but again, we can look at adding this in as part of future development.

You can contact us to request an increase. Once we receive your message, our team will usually process it within an hour (during working hours).

Hope this helps!